Savvy Caregiver® 1-Workshop Licensing Fee (for 1 workshop)


Licensing Provides:
 Authorized use of the evidence-based Savvy Caregiver program, name, materials, and
resources from University of Minnesota and other copyright holders
Updated/Authorized Trainer and Caregiver Manuals
Updated Program Materials (including course videos, presentation slides, and handouts)
Access to Members Only area on with webinars for group
leaders and project coordinators, flyers and marketing materials, and other resources
Inclusion on national map “Licensed Sites” listing on for direct
referrals to your organization or agency


Savvy Caregiver® Program Licensing and Delivery
The Savvy Caregiver education program was created at University of Minnesota and originally
published in 2002. Its content and materials have since been adapted and translated by the
University of Minnesota, Emory University, and other collaborating organizations.

The program is not public domain or “open source” material, even when funded by state or
federal grants. It is copyrighted and trademarked material that must be used under license and
with permission. Since 2006, University of Minnesota has assessed licensing fees on select
Savvy program materials. As of 2021, The University of Minnesota has begun assessing licensing
fees on all Savvy programs and assigned rights to Savvy Systems, LLC to manage copyright and


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