Savvy Caregiver Foundational Group Leader Training & Certification

Savvy Caregiver® Evidence-Based Online Training for Group Leaders, Fidelity Certification Exam, and 1 Set of Manuals (for new Group Leaders)$1,499.00
Savvy Caregiver® Fidelity Certification Exam (for existing Group Leaders)$299.00
Savvy Caregiver® Fidelity Re-Certification Exam (for Group Leaders every 3 years after initial certification)$199.00

Additional Savvy Caregiver Group Leader Trainings

Savvy Caregiver® Advanced Training (must currently be certified in Savvy Caregiver Foundational)$499.00
Savvy Caregiver® Express Training (must currently be certified in Savvy Caregiver Foundational)$499.00

Savvy Caregiver Workshop Licensing Fees

Savvy Caregiver® 1-Workshop Licensing Fee (for 1 workshop)$199.00
Savvy Caregiver® 5-Workshop Licensing Fee Bundle (Save 20% Automatically)$799.00
Savvy Caregiver® 10-Workshop Licensing Fee Bundle (Save 50% Automatically)$999.00

Printed Manuals and Handouts

In order to use of any electronic or printed Savvy Caregiver materials, you must be a currently licensed Savvy Caregiver site.

Once your organization purchases a workshop licensing plan, electronic versions of all updated workshop materials (e.g., trainer and caregiver manuals, PowerPoints, videos, handouts, etc.) will be available for download in the My Account section of

Print Locally: 

You are free to print any of the updated/authorized manual downloads onsite or locally in your community, but manuals must be printed in color. (You may print at any local printer or through any online printing such as,, or, etc.) 

Order Manuals for Delivery:

Fill out the order form below and email it to [email protected]t for a total quote including shipping, based upon your location.

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Our authorized Savvy Caregiver printing partner is:

Crown Printing
39 Little Canada Rd E
Saint Paul MN 55117
(651) 631-0261
[email protected].