Savvy Caregiver Foundational Group Leader Training & Certification

Savvy Caregiver® Evidence-Based Online Training for Group Leaders, Fidelity Certification Exam, and 1 Set of Manuals (for new Group Leaders)$1,499.00
Savvy Caregiver® Fidelity Re-Certification Exam (for Group Leaders every 3 years after initial certification)$299.00
Savvy Caregiver® Fidelity Certification Exam (for existing Group Leaders)$299.00

Additional Savvy Caregiver Group Leader Trainings

Savvy Caregiver® Advanced Training (must currently be certified in Savvy Caregiver Foundational)$599.00
Savvy Caregiver® Express Training (must currently be certified in Savvy Caregiver Foundational)$599.00

Savvy Caregiver Workshop Licensing Fees

Savvy Caregiver® 1-Workshop Licensing Fee (for 1 workshop)$199.00
Savvy Caregiver® 5-Workshop Licensing Fee Bundle (Save 20% Automatically)$799.00
Savvy Caregiver® 10-Workshop Licensing Fee Bundle (Save 50% Automatically)$999.00

Printed Manuals and Handouts

If you are a licensed site with at least one certified group leader, you may access Savvy Caregiver manuals and handouts in the following ways:
Download Electronic Versions

Log in to My Account and download electronic versions of Savvy workshop materials (e.g., trainer/caregiver manuals, PowerPoints, videos, etc.).

Print Locally

You may print authorized Savvy materials locally, as long as they are in color. (Contact us if you require an authorization letter regarding copyright.)

Order Printed Manuals

The following printed manuals may be ordered for delivery to your licensed site:

  • Savvy Foundational: Caregiver Manuals, Group Leader Manuals, and Caregiver Handouts
  • Savvy Advanced: Caregiver Manuals
  • Savvy Express: Caregiver Manuals


Manuals are $30 each and caregiver handouts are $10 each. There are no shipping fees for orders within the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii).

To order printed manuals for delivery, visit

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.