Savvy Caregiver® 4-Week advanced program
for Later Stage dementias

How It Works

After completing Savvy Caregiver, family caregivers often ask if there is additional programming they can complete to continue their educational journey. Savvy Advanced is a 4-week program designed for caregivers who have already completed the Savvy Caregiver Foundational or Savvy Express programs.

Savvy Advanced Trains Caregivers to:

  • Focus on caregiving skills, knowledge, and attitudes.
  • Further refine their problem-solving and planning skills
  • Learn additional information about managing behaviors associated with the later stages of the disease
  • Further improve communications techniques
  • Gain additional behavioral guidance for their particular situation
  • Further improve caregiver self-care
  • Focus on future planning including later-stage and end-of-life choices and care.
What’s the difference between Savvy Caregiver Advanced and Savvy Caregiver Express? Learn More

How can I get trained to deliver Savvy Caregiver in my community?

Savvy Advanced trainers must first be trained in the full in-person (or virtual) Savvy Caregiver 6-Week Program. In addition, trainers must then complete a specialized Savvy Advanced training program in order to deliver Savvy Advanced.

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I am a family member or caregiver of someone with dementia. How do I find a Savvy Caregiver Advanced Program near me?

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