Savvy Caregiver®
Academic and Research Licensing

Academic and Research Licensing


The Savvy Caregiver® program is an evidence-based, psycho-educational training intervention for family caregivers of community-based persons living with dementia. Savvy Caregiver was created at the University of Minnesota and originally published in 2002. Federal, state, and foundation funding sources have enabled state and regional social service agencies and organizations to provide Savvy Caregiver programs to tens of thousands of caregivers. Savvy programs and research have demonstrated positive outcomes for caregivers, including increased dementia knowledge and skills, and lower reported stress, depression, and burden.

For over 20 years, researchers and practitioners have adapted Savvy Caregiver to other formats and to meet the needs of diverse communities. These adaptations have enriched and expanded Savvy Caregiver offerings.

Copyright and Trademark

Savvy Caregiver® programs, content, and materials are not public domain or “open source” material. This is true even for projects funded by state or federal grants. All Savvy Caregiver programs, content, and materials are copyrighted and trademarked by the University of Minnesota and other copyright holders.

Required Academic and Research Licensing

All academic grants, research studies, or projects utilizing Savvy Caregiver programs, content, or materials must be licensed to be in copyright compliance with the University of Minnesota and other copyright holders. For example, this applies to all Savvy Caregiver research studies, adaptations, translations, and delivery awards.

Benefits and Inclusions of Academic and Research Licensing

  • Consultation on proposal submission and implementation.
  • Authorized use of Savvy Caregiver content, manuals, and materials throughout the grant period.
  • Recognized authorship and co-copyright of newly developed materials.
  • Negotiated co-branding of approved Savvy Caregiver adaptations and translations.
  • Negotiated promotion and visibility on
  • Negotiated royalties to developers for any adaptation sold on

Responsibilities of Licensee 

  • Train and certify all participating researchers and group leaders through
  • Adhere to license terms when making use of Savvy Caregiver materials.
  • Incorporate approved Savvy Caregiver® branding and naming conventions.
  • Display authorized Savvy Caregiver copyright, citation of the original authors, and Savvy Systems.
  • May not share Savvy Caregiver materials or post online.
  • Maintain continued contact with Savvy Systems during the grant period.
  • Execute a new license for any future grant or implementation featuring Savvy Caregiver.

Updated Manuals, PowerPoint, Videos, and Handouts

Once licensed, you may download all updated manuals, PowerPoint, videos, and materials from your online account. Printed manuals and handouts may also be ordered.

Evidence-Based Savvy Group Leader Training and Certification

Beginning in 2023, all Savvy Caregiver group leaders must be trained and certified through the new, evidence-based online training developed at Emory University. Any existing Savvy Caregiver group leaders must also complete the Savvy Caregiver Fidelity Certification exam to continue delivering Savvy Caregiver programs.

Prorated Fees for Current Savvy Caregiver Grantees

If a researcher or organization currently has a grant award using or adapting Savvy Caregiver content or materials in progress, the new Savvy Caregiver research licensing fees will only be prorated from January 1, 2024 onward.

Purchase a Savvy Caregiver Academic and Research Licenses

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