Workshop Fees

Savvy Caregiver® 1-Workshop Licensing Fee (for 1 workshop)$199.00
Savvy Caregiver® 5-Workshop Licensing Fee Bundle (Save 20% Automatically)$799.00
Savvy Caregiver® 10-Workshop Licensing Fee Bundle (Save 50% Automatically)$999.00

Savvy Caregiver Group Leader Training & Certification

Savvy Caregiver® Evidence-Based Online Training for Group Leaders, Fidelity Certification Exam, and 1 Set of Manuals (for new Group Leaders)$1,499.00
Savvy Caregiver® Fidelity Re-Certification Exam (for Group Leaders every 3 years after initial certification)$299.00
Savvy Caregiver® Fidelity Certification Exam (for existing Group Leaders)$299.00

Savvy Caregiver Adaptations Group Leader Training

Savvy Caregiver® Advanced Training (must currently be certified in Savvy Caregiver Foundational)$599.00
Savvy Caregiver® Express Training (must currently be certified in Savvy Caregiver Foundational)$599.00

Video Version

Savvy Caregiver® 4-Session DVD Set (for family caregivers --personal use only)$69.00
Savvy Caregiver® Streaming Video Version (for family caregivers --personal use only)$69.00

Savvy Caregiver Manuals

All Savvy Caregiver materials (including manuals, PowerPoints, videos, and handouts) must be used under license in either electronic or printed formats.

Once you are licensed, you will receive PDF downloads of your Savvy Caregiver trainer and caregiver manuals, PowerPoint, videos, and handouts. You are free to print these manuals locally in your community.

If you prefer, you can order them from our printing partner, Crown Printing, Inc. Contact them directly for pricing and delivery options at for more information. Manuals usually ship within 3 business days.