Savvy Caregiver® tele-savvy™ Program

Tele-Savvy: available 2023

Not every family caregiver is able to access or join traditional, in-person Savvy Caregiver group sessions. The Tele-Savvy program was developed as an online version of the evidence-based Savvy Caregiver Program that provides a comparable experience with group and individual content in a technology-delivered online format.

Delivered over a 7-week period, Tele-Savvy provides daily videos for caregivers to observe at home as well as virtual group-based sessions via Zoom.

The individual home component is delivered through 5-minute to 15-minute daily videos. These videos present different instructors who focus on a single educational message from the Savvy Caregiver core curriculum. Each lesson is reinforced by expert commentary by a physician, nurse, or practitioner. In a majority of cases, the videos include vignettes in which actors portraying people living with memory loss or dementia and their caregivers. These vignettes include examples in clinical settings, at home, and in other community settings. The videos are intended to illustrate and reinforce the Savvy principles and what it looks like to put Savvy approaches into practice. Caregivers can watch and re-watch the home-based videos at their convenience.

Sessions also contain self-care activities such as: 

• Yoga
• Relaxation
• Breathing exercises

The virtual group-based sessions consist of weekly teleconferences in which trained Savvy group leaders facilitate caregiver groups for:

• 7 weekly sessions (approximately 75 minutes per session)

• Between 6-9 people per group


How do I sign up for Tele-Savvy?

Tele-Savvy will be formally launched in 2023.

If you would like to be notified when the Tele-Savvy program is available, Please register using the button below.